Friday, October 9, 2009

Continuous Decluttering

You may not currently have much time to go through everything you own and declutter your whole house, or even an entire room or cupboard. But, this shouldn't stop you from starting to declutter. Instead, start decluttering by doing a little bit, all the time. As you're getting an outfit out of your wardrobe, put aside that shirt you no longer wear. As you're packing away sporting gear to a cupboard, put aside that broken, old tennis racket that isn't going to get mended.

I find it useful to keep a bag somewhere and fill it gradually with old stuff to take to a charity bin or shop. You may also want to keep a box to put in stuff to sell on eBay, when you have the time. (If you're wanting to have a garage sale, it is probably best to do a thorough clean-out and maximise the items you'll have for sale on the day.) However, if the item only deserves to go in the bin, bin it - don't waste time trying to sell it or leave it to a charity to pay the cost of disposing of it. And don't let these bags and boxes become clutter themselves - take them to the charity bin or shop regularly, and if you don't get around to eBaying items, get rid of them an alternative way.

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