Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How-To: Keep Ornaments from Cluttering

One of the easiest ways to produce a cluttered home is to put all your ornaments out on display. Picture frames, trinkets, souvenirs, vases, candles - all of that stuff that is ornamental to your home - will generally start to overwhelm your home rather than decorate it, unless you perfect that lavish look found in homeware shops. You have two options available:
  1. Clean out your ornaments. Do you really want them all? Does their style still suit your home? Do they still have meaning for you? If you don't want to permanently part with everything, maybe keep some old items that still have memories in a box of treasures.
  2. Only display some of your ornaments. Select a subset of ornaments that look good together to display now, and pack everything else away temporarily. I find it's refreshing to alternate the ornaments out on display in my home at the start of each season, choosing the decor to fit the season, or else if I buy something new.

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