Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Freecycle and ReUseIt Networks

You may already give away items you no longer want or need to your friends and relatives, but what about if all your relatives live far away or no-one you know wants your old, still functional items? Alternatively, you may be planning on giving away items to a charity, but what if they won't take them (such as old electrical items or just odd items such as old camping equipment)? In both cases the recent invention of Freecycle andReUseIt networks will come in handy.

Both networks essentially operate on people giving away old items for free, to a network of people in their local community, using the internet for communication. So, if you've got some camping equipment or baby clothes you no longer use, you can post an offer, people contact you (hopefully) and someone comes and picks it up (easy to do, as they live close by). Additionally, people may be able to post about items they want (boxes for moving are often a favourite). Both networks operate globally, usually with one of the two in most urban areas in the main countries they operate in (US, Canada, UK, Australia are the main countries listed for ReUseIt).

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