Friday, November 20, 2009

Go Electronic

One thing I love about computers is the ability to store things electronically that would otherwise have cluttered up my home. Whether you are short on space, need to move regularly or just want the convenience of accessing stuff remotely, a review of what you can store in electronic format is beneficial.

Consider the following areas:
  • Photos: The majority of photos taken these days are digital, meaning rather than amassing a large collection of photo albums or messy, unfiled photos, you can just store them on your hard drive, although you still may want to print out some of your photos to create albums. Additional benefits also include the ability to easily share the photos online or to back them up to prevent their loss.
  • Financial documents: Check out the recent post I devoted to decluttering your paperwork. Ideally you would choose to start receiving most of your documents electronically, so they never create that dreaded pile of clutter in the first place.
  • Music: Even if you don't want to put your music onto an iPod or other MP3 player to play your music on the go, you still may want to consider setting up a computer or an MP3 player dedicated to supplying music (and video) for your home entertainment system. Scroll through the list of songs available, rather than trying to find the CD and risk your CDs being scratched. There are many options these days for buying music directly online to download, bypassing the step of owning CDs.
  • Recipes: Rather than keeping torn out pages from magazines, scan the recipes or type them up on your computer. They'll be easily searchable by recipe title and maybe even ingredients (handy for when you want to know what to cook with leftover ingredients).
  • News: Whilst paper newspapers are handy, whether to read on the way to work or during lazy weekend breakfasts, most newspapers can be read online these days. Considering how thick they often are and that most will end up in the recycling bin in a few days, reading your news electronically will help reduce your living room clutter.
  • Books: Not a common option yet, one day many of the books we will read will likely be stored electronically.

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