Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Move Your Magazine Addiction Online

Many people read newspapers online these days, rather than subscribing to them or physically picking up a copy from the newsagent. But what about reading magazines online? I know that reading them online can't substitute for the ease of flicking through the glossy pages of the latest issue or filling up holders with the whole year's issues, but there are some offerings out there online that may help you to stop buying issues that will end up as clutter.

Homes, etc: Notebook: have a wonderful website that delivers up a wealth of home hints, recipes ideas and general help for your life. With the large array of articles dating from their years' of back issues, there is bound to be something that fits what you're looking for and it's easy to find old articles with the search option. Check out the recent article on decorating with botanicals.

Cooking: The best Australian website for recipes is Taste. With recipes taken from the magazines delicious., Super Food Ideas, Good Taste, Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Notebook: and Country Style, it'd be hard to find a recipe that isn't included in their archives. It is also possible to search for articles from a particular publication. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to highly rated and featured recipes.

Fashion: Vogue has a decent website, particularly for checking out the latest fashion shows, although the standout feature of the site are the forums. With the most popular forums including those devoted to fashion and shopping (not surprisingly), there's a strong band of devotees. Madison's website is also good to check out, mainly for the most wanted and luxe to less stories, although it would be nice if there was a new story more than once a month. For a round up of all the latest fashion and gossip magazines, both in Australia and overseas, with new posts added daily, check out the blog Girl with a Satchel. It'll help you decide what is worth buying this week.

Current Affairs: The Monthly magazine's website offers up for free online reading one of its monthly essays each month, plus an article each from The Nation Reviewed and the Arts & Letters sections. All articles from previous months are also available for free. The articles from the current issue with an M symbol next to them are restricted to subscriber access only, with an online subscription costing $40, a saving of $19.95 off a print subscription. Check out John Birmingham's recent essay on A Short History of the Media Future or the Nick Cave essay, The Good Son, from the August issue.

(images: Notebook: and Madison)

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  1. The website associated with Notebook:, Homehints.com.au, has recently been changed to Homelife.com.au, with content coming from Notebook:'s sister publications Inside Out, Country Style and Parents. Read about the new website here: http://www.homelife.com.au/feature/2345/homelife.com.au.