Thursday, December 31, 2009

How-To: Clear Away Your Christmas Cards

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday time and is looking forward to the new year and decade ahead. It's probably about now that you're looking at clearing away all the paraphernalia of Christmas, such as Christmas cards. Whilst it is nice to keep some cards, most of them will probably be put in the rubbish. Firstly, though consider some of these alternatives:
  1. Keep the cards to use in making low-cost Christmas decorations for next Christmas, such as this Christmas Card Bunting.
  2. Donate the cards to a local pre-school, child-care centre or school for craft activities. (Birthday cards are also great to donate.)
  3. Make gift tags from the cards to use for next year's Christmas presents - without spending a cent.
  4. And if you do chuck out the cards, make sure you put them in your paper and cardboard recycling bin.
Whilst you're clearing out your cards, also check out this excellent list of 15 Ways to Recycle Wrapping Paper.


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