Friday, December 4, 2009

Reduce Clutter with iPhone Apps

I love my iPod Touch. Whilst it was originally bought to replace my existing iPod, along with the ability to read my email and browse the web via Wi-Fi connections (although I really would love an iPhone so I could get my data fix anywhere), I've found myself using the huge variety of Apps offered through iTune's App Store more and more. Being able to do so much with one tiny device, means that I don't need as much other gadgets and, well, stuff in my life. For example:
  • Calculator (Built-in), means my old calculator from school can finally be donated to charity. Turn the screen to landscape mode to use a scientific calculator.
  • Clock (Built-in) is a great tool for travellers. Add as many clocks as you like to the World Clock screen, then switch to the Alarm screen and set an alarm for your early morning flight.
  • My Lists ($2.49) is a replacement for all those scattered bits of paper with to-do lists. Make a list of movies you want to watch then go through it when you're at the video store, or list all your upcoming bills.
  • Stanza (Free), an eBook application, means that I can download and read classic books for free. Due to the small screen size it's best for short stories or plays. Finally read The Art of War or find out what Uncle Vanya is about before seeing the play.
  • SMH/The Age Good Food Guide ($11.99) is mainly intended as an on-the-go accompaniment to the books (which retail for $29.99), but can be used on its own, meaning you save cash and don't have an book that becomes redundant in a year. Also has great location based features.
(Note: All prices are for the Australian App Store.)

Do you have any favourite apps?

(images: The Age)

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