Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why Declutter? #2

One of my early posts was about why you might want to declutter. In addition to those key reasons (not enough space, making space, moving house, preparing for selling your house, making money), here are five more potential benefits from decluttering:
  1. Reduce your stress levels. Less clutter means you should be able to find things easier, leading to less stress particularly when you're walking out the door.
  2. Spend less time cleaning. If you don't have as much to clean (or clean around), cleaning won't take as long. You'll also have less items to repair and maintain.
  3. Value what you have more. If you don't own as much, you should make more use (and treasure more) what you do have.
  4. Feel freer. Having less possessions means there is less to tie you down to your house. Consider moving somewhere new or travelling for awhile and leaving what remains in storage.
  5. Relax more. Reducing your amount of clutter should make for a more relaxing home environment.
(images: Shandos Cleaver)

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