Monday, January 11, 2010

Bringing in an Expert

If you needed electrical work done or your roof painted, you’d probably bring in an expert, who does that for a living. So, what about decluttering? Whilst professional organizers haven’t been around as long as electricians and roof painters, a growing number of them can be found in cities all over Australia and the world.

Susanne Thiebe, a professional organizer from LessMess in Sydney, says that most people hire her because they “have tried various self help methods through books, TV shows or seminars”, but they find that “getting organized personalized solutions which are mostly not available through books. A solution that’s right for someone in America doesn’t necessarily work for a client in Australia.”

Working in both homes and small offices (and with a lot of home-based businesses), Susanne has found that there is “no common ‘worst area’” for clutter. With both a lack of motivation and know-how holding people back from decluttering, she adds, “it doesn’t really matter where you start; it has to fit the situation and timeframe. The most important thing is to start and not to fret about where and when.”

To keep on top of clutter and not let it get out of hand, Susanne recommends to “accept that being organized takes time and commitment. Have a time plan and routine and stick to it. I tell my clients that they should do a 5 minute organizing job per day or ½ hour every three days. For the rest of their lives!” And her final tip? “Don’t walk through your house empty handed – there is always something to tidy away.”

If you’d like to contact Susanne and LessMess to get assist with organizing your home, go to their website Alternatively, view the list of professional organizers who are members of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers Inc to find someone in your area.

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