Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product Recommendation: kikki.K Daily Notes Notebook

One of the most difficult forms of paper clutter to tackle are all those notes, ideas and things to do jotted down on random bits of paper and post-its. You could instead write them (or transfer them into) a notebook, but kikki.K have created a notebook that goes one step further: the Daily Notes Notebook, which has sixteen tabs to help organise your notes and make them easy to find. There are eight printed tabs (Books, Films, Gift Ideas, Music, Misc, Bars/Restaurants, Shops and Websites), plus eight more plain tabs for you to label yourself. There's also a small pocket to file items such as loose notes, receipts and business cards.

(image: kikki.K)


  1. One of those needs to be designed for writers - with tabs like, ideas, publishers, submitted work, favourite writers, editors, articles etc etc :)

  2. Refrain to buy stationary from Kikki becuase they are not go through safely test and made from China.