Monday, January 11, 2010

Stop Clutter: Banish Paper

Take a look around your room now. The chances are that there is some loose paper - bills, catalogues, coupons, newspapers, letters - lying around somewhere. And that this isn't the only room in your house with bits and pieces of paper. Here are some ways to stop the influx of paper into your home:
  • When you get your mail out of the mailbox, before you put it down anywhere, go through the bundle and immediately chuck junk you don't want into the recycling bin. Similarly, when you open the mail, immediately chuck items you don't want or need, and those envelopes, into the recycling bin. Stop it even becoming a pile somewhere.
  • Designate a set place in your home for putting paperwork, such as a small basket or a spot on a sideboard. This should be the only place where paperwork piles.
  • About once a week go through this paperwork pile. Should it be actioned (such as paying a bill?) Should it be chucked (such as a leaflet for an event that has now passed or you have decided to not attend)? Should it be filed (such as your latest bank statement)?
  • File your paperwork somewhere - don't just perpetually leave it in the pile. See How-To: Declutter Your Paperwork for steps on filing either in paper or digital format.
  • Cut down on the amount of paper you receive in the mail. If you don't ever look at the catalogues you receive, get a sticker requesting no advertising material to be addressed. Request to receive bank statements and utility bills electronically, if you have the option.
  • I tend to find that bits of paper pile up in my purse and handbag after a shopping trip. Periodically, go through everything and chuck out the old bus tickets, shopping lists, receipts (unless you need to file them). This can even be done if you're waiting at a bus stop or train station and need to fill in time.
  • Make sure you also keep on top of piles of magazines and newspapers by occasionally going through them and getting rid of old copies you no longer want. (If you want to keep back issues, it's usually best to keep them stored away in a magazine holder.)
(images: Freedom)


  1. hello! I just found this blog - I think I need you!!! need to get more organised.