Friday, January 15, 2010

Stop Clutter: Doing Rather Than Shopping

gThere are many reasons that we shop. Often it may be from necessity: the weekly grocery shopping, buying new clothes for work, buying a new fridge after the current one dies a sudden death. However, then there are the times that it is simply due to boredom, or to forget about your worries, or to make yourself feel special. And if you look at objects around your home that you don't really need, and that are cluttering your home, you'll probably find that many of them were bought during such shopping trips, not during ones based on needs.

So one one of stopping clutter from forming, is to reduce the amount of time spent shopping without a need in mind: shopping for the sake of shopping, shopping as a pasttime. Find something else to do when you need a distraction and time-out, such as:
  • Visit a new exhibit at a local art gallery
  • Go for a walk somewhere you haven't been before
  • Meet up with friends in the park for a picnic afternoon
  • Hit the gym for a workout
All things where you are doing something, but where the end result isn't likely to be a armful of shopping bags.

(image: FreeFoto)

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