Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stop Clutter: Storage, Storage and More Storage

It's hard to stay neat and tidy if your possessions don't have a home. Your t-shirts may go in a certain drawer, cutlery in the top drawer in the kitchen, your toothbrush in the toothbrush holder, but what about everything else? In order for your home to not be cluttered, things must have their own home. Which means one thing: storage.

Storage may take many forms. From custom built wardrobes and kitchen cabinets (I recently stayed in a house where even the fridge was hidden behind the cabinetry) to boxes large and small, you need to consider a variety of storage options for your home, to meet all your needs. Some smart storage choices you may like to consider are:

Stylish hat boxes to go in your wardrobe and store hats and other accessories, particularly scarves and belts. (Kaysa Box, Ikea)

Woven boxes to go on shelves and store trinkets and odds and ends. Multiple identical boxes look particularly pleasing on a bookcase. (Byholma Basket, Ikea)

Cosmetic bags to keep all your makeup together; consider one for your everyday makeup and one for special occasion makeup. (Apple & Bee Fold Out Bath Bag,Ciao Bella Travel)

Shoe racks to double the space for storing shoes in your wardrobe. (Discontinued, Ikea)

Dividers in your kitchen drawers other than just cutlery trays, especially for your large utensils, to make it easy to find what you're looking for. (Utensil Tray with Grip Base, Howard's Storage World)

A hat stand for frequently used coats, jackets, hats and umbrellas. (Breton Hat Rack, Freedom)

Small plastic boxes with dividers, generally used for craft, are great for any bits and bobs, such as the elastic bands, bread-ties and batteries, that accumulate in kitchen drawers. (Solution Box 1002AB, Craftainers)

Just remember that the more you own, naturally the more storage you need to have. And sometimes rather than getting more storage, that you may not have room for, you should really be getting rid of some of your stuff.

(images: Ikea, Ikea, Ciao Bella Travel, Shandos Cleaver, Howard's Storage World, Freedom, Craftainers)

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