Sunday, February 14, 2010

5 Twitter Accounts to Follow

I use Twitter regularly (@scleaver) and find it's a great way to come across new articles to read, whether they're written by the person you're following or they're just items they have come across. So if you're looking for new ideas on decluttering, follow some of the following Twitter accounts:
  • @un_clutter: Uncluttering the way to happyness: useful resources and tips about decluttering, organizing, minimalism and simple living
  • @TexasOrganizer: All about being a Houston mom and Gigi, organizing others and simplifying life
  • @metrozing: Hoardologist ☺ Professional Organizer. Disorder Specialist. I help the disorganized transform their homes from Casa de Chaos to Casa de Calm.
  • @OrganizeLife: Creator of Tips to Organize Life, the website that provides shortcuts, tips and tricks to help you feel more efficient and less overwhelmed
  • @RecoveringSlob: Inveterate slob, tortured perfectionist, food voyeur, cat-loving knitter, potato expert, once and future bassoonist. Constantly switching addictions.
I've also created a list with all of these accounts being followed to make it easy for you to view them all together (@scleaver/declutter).

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