Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Through Your Decluttering To-Do List

I recently came across a great article on reducing the size of your to-do list, Sprint Through the Small Stuff. It mentions the more obvious approaches of being wary about adding too much to your to-do list, regularly purging your to-do list of items you no longer need to do, and just simply steadily working through your to-do list so it doesn't get too big, but it mainly focuses on the wonderful approach of periodically doing a whole bunch of the smaller items on your to-do list in a set time limit (i.e. sprinting through the small stuff, timer optional!)

This article may help you get through all the decluttering plans that you have building up. (I know that getting started can often be the hardest part of decluttering.) Choose some of the simpler areas you want to declutter and declutter them first, with a time limit on how long to spend, and use this to build up your confidence to approach the bigger chores.

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