Friday, February 19, 2010

How-To: Straighten Your Linen Cupboard

When I one day own a house, I hope to have a linen cupboard. All of the places so far that I've rented (mainly apartments) have, unfortunately, not had one, so I've usually just stored my sheets, pillowcases, towels and face washers in the top of my wardrobe. And more that just a linen cupboard, I want to have a beautiful looking linen cupboard. Follow these steps to straighten up your linen cupboard:

  1. Remove all the items out of it and clean the shelves.
  2. Go through everything and see if anything is threadbare and should be chucked. I don't know about you, but I like my towels to be nice and fluffy, not old and worn. I usually move old towels and sheets to the garage to use when moving stuff in the car, camping or just when working in the garage. (Alternatively, pet shelters may appreciate donations.)
  3. Start dividing everything up into sets. I generally like storing sets together, rather than towels with towels, etc, but you may prefer to do the opposite.
  4. Look at how many sets you have and check whether you really need everything. I have previously blogged about how you only really need two sets of towels for each member of your household, plus one set for guests. Consider taking any items you don't really need (including ones you've never liked) to a charity bin.
  5. Learn properly how to fold towels and sheets, especially fitted sheets. Go here for a tutorial on fitted sheets. Note that there are a few variations, but it is worth while practicing folding fitted sheets a few times until you have the technique memorised, so that they don't look messy in your linen cupboard.
  6. Finally, return everything to your linen cupboard. Consider adding some fragranced satchels to keep everything smelling beautifully, or pieces of cedar wood to deter moths.