Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving House

Next week I will be moving into a new house. As it is a sharehouse, I will just be moving items into my new bedroom, leaving the rest of my furniture stored at my parent's house (or to be sold). However, it will be nice to, firstly, decorate a whole room for the first time in a long time (I lived in my last apartment for five years, and although I made gradual changes, it's different starting with an empty room) and, secondly, to be permamently settled somewhere for awhile (the last few months I've been house-sitting, travelling and temporarily staying at my parent's house). It's a lovely big bedroom with a balcony, so I will be taking some photos once I'm settled.


  1. Some dramas, but it mainly went well. I'll start taking photos once I get back the end of my bed, which my dad is fixing after I knocked it against the wall and broke it.