Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Product Recommendation: Listography

I recently recommended the kikki.K Daily Notes Notebook, which unfortunately is only available at kikki.K stores in Australia, unless you order it over the internet and fork out the overseas p&h. However, someone recently recommended to me a similar product, albeit focusing on lists: the Listography books. Available in the USA (at a wide variety of stores, including Borders) and many other countries (try to search online first), in addition to the original guided journal there are a range of speciality editions, including Friends, Music and Love.

And then there's the part that really got me excited... On the website, there's also the ability to create your own set of lists online. Simply signup, click "create list", select a category and title for the list, and get started. There's even the ability to click "generate a list topic" for the site to suggest a list for you to create, if you're feeling stuck about what to list. Just keep in mind that the lists you create are publicly viewable, unless you create them in the private folder.

(image: Listography)

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