Sunday, February 7, 2010

Your Next Rainy (or Snowy) Weekend

At the moment it's been rainy a lot in Sydney, Australia, and I've been seeing the reports about the snow in the eastern USA. So, if you're sick of watching movies, reading books and mindlessly browsing the internet, put some of this inside time to use by doing some uncluttering inside. I found this great post over at Unclutterer on Three uncluttered activities you can do on a lazy Saturday, which suggests sorting through your magazines and catalogues, backing up your computer, and clearing the clutter from your laundry room. I'm especially in favour of the first one for an enjoyable but productive way to pass a lazy afternoon or evening. I also recommend sorting through your email and responding to all your unanswered emails you haven't got around to yet.


  1. I liked you BYW inspiration board. I don't have FB so I couldn't comment there. Have a nice weekend. ~Theresa

  2. I wanted to comment on your board too Shandos ... it's really great and I think I need to get you over to my place pronto for some de-cluttering! You could just sit there with a pot of tea and scones and order me about a bit - I really wouldn't mind ... only I'm not getting rid of my magazine collections okay?!?! hehehe
    Have a lovely weekend - can't believe it's almost over,
    Allison xx

  3. Thanks very much for your lovely comments - I wasn't sure whether I should include it on my blog, which I why I just put it on fb (to which I'm kind of addicted). Hope you both had a wonderful weekend too and have some fun to look forward to this week.