Friday, March 5, 2010

3 Decluttering Articles To Read

It's been a busy week, due to moving house and looking for a job, so I promise I'll write more posts next week than I have this week. But, it's time for Friday, which means three new articles that I've recently found for you to read. Here goes...

Real Simple - Fix the top 6 causes of clutter: This is an oldie but a goodie, that concentrates on the emotional and psychological aspects of decluttering. For example, the first obstacle examined is "if I get rid of this wedding vase, I'll feel guilty." Who hasn't felt guilt about getting rid of stuff, even if you don't use it or like it?

O, The Oprah Magazine - Oprah's Great Closet Cleanout: Another magazine article, and something you may have already heard about as it's about Oprah, of course. This goes to show that it's not just us mere mortals who have issues with clutter, but celebrities do, too. (I mean, look at all the free stuff most of them receive!) Oprah, putting the trendiness into decluttering.

:mnmlist - Wash your bowl - Finally, going to the other end of the spectrum and a website I recommended recently, here's an interesting article taken from a famous Zen story that gives the advice "Have you eaten your rice porridge? Then you had better wash your bowl." Basically, finish cleaning up what you're doing after you finish doing something, without thinking. So, put things away, throw out rubbish, tidy up after yourself - start doing it automatically and you'll find a lot of your small clutter issues will go away.

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