Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Recommendation: 4 Organising Books to Read

Back in January, I recommended the Australian organisation book Sorted! I recently found out that this book was a finalist in the 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards, held by the LA Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, in the Best Organizing Book category. So, what other books were also finalists and merit checking out? (Note that I haven't been able to find these in Australian bookstores, so haven't been able to view them in person.)

The winner of the Best Organizing Book award was Organizing Outside the Box, by Hellen Buttigieg. This book focuses on determining your natural learning style and applying this to your methodology for organising, plus understanding the learning style of your family and co-workers when it comes to organising your house and office.

The Clutter Diet, is by Lorie Marrero, who also writes The Clutter Diet Blog, which I've previously linked to. It looks like a very comprehensive book on decluttering and organization, and a free chapter download is available from the website.

Organizing A to Z, by Lisa Lelas, is somewhat different in that it is a book aimed at children, taking the format of a children's organising alphabet.

Finally, Organizing for a Living, by Jackie Tiani, is a book for professional organisers, which Lissanne Oliver (author of Sorted!) described in a newsletter as being "comprehensive and well written".

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