Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Decluttering Challenges for the Week

So, it's now been two weeks since I've moved into my new house and despite having gone to the trouble of transporting all these goods a fair distance to this place, not to mention carrying everything up the stairs, I've already decided to do some decluttering. It's a good idea to do this once you get settled and adjusted to your new home, and realise what you no longer need or no longer works in your new environment. So here are my two challenges:
  1. Go through my boxes of "ornaments" and determine what I want to keep. I dislike having too much out on display, so usually have a stash of extra decoration items that I rotate amongst, however, these days I have far too much. I will have to determine what I still like and works for me, and the rest I will eBay or list on the local FreeCycle group.
  2. After having spent a while travelling a lot and consciously not buying many new clothes, I'm getting tired of my wardrobe and need to freshen it up. I want to go through all my clothes and work out what I no longer like that much (at the moment I am finding it hard to let go of stuff that is not yet worn out), and then treat myself to a few new items.

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